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Just read and get information, or register
and change the world of OH&S with us!

Just read and get information, or register
and change the world of OH&S with us!

Register and Join Us!

Why we are here?

Accidents at work occur worldwide for similar reasons.
The measures that apply here will also be effective on the other side of the world!
We want to bring together occupational safety experts across countries and continents to promote the sharing of information to protect people's lives and health.
This sharing works great locally and we don't see why it might not work worldwide! This can really lead to best practice!

"Let's use the power of the Internet. 
The thousands of miles that divide us are nothing! The boundaries are only within ourselves!"

Who are we looking for?

It's not about who we're looking for, but who we want to help.
This website and discussion forum is intended to serve all persons who have the power to influence the level of ensuring occupation health and safety at work.
Who is it? Especially OHS Officers. Furthermore, professional technicians, inspection technicians, employers, managers and, last but not least, the employees themselves.
We are looking for anyone who needs information, especially those who are willing to share their experiences!

What experiences are useful?

Information about past work accidents, fires and other operational incidents.
Information and experience in reducing risks and taking measures to prevent them.
Experience with educating employees and leading them to safety.
Self-education, gaining information, experience and personal growth.
and many other ...

Why join us?

It's simple. Two heads are better than one!
Work safety is a very complicated discipline. Sharing experiences can help grow not only individuals but also entire societies!
You will gain knowledge, experience and you can help others grow!
You can make new friends and be in a circle of like-minded people!
You want to help and you are not indifferent to the lives and health of people!

Maybe you're still wondering who's behind this?

No one interesting. No one you should know.
My name is Vít Hofman. I work as an OHS Officer in the Czech Republic - a small country in the heart of Europe. I help employers perform risk prevention tasks and protect employees' lives and health at work.
Together with my colleagues, I decided to start this project. 

Because we want to draw on the endless experience of you, colleagues from all over the world, and at the same time provide you with ours.

I hope you like the idea and join!

Thank you!

OH&S Officers forum

Our goal is to bring together occupational safety and health, fire protection and all related disciplines professionals from around the world and share experiences in risk prevention.
Copyright 2021 | Created by Ing. Vít Hofman | All Rights Reserved
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